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VB-Audio Virtual Cable

Virtual Audio Cables
To Connect 2x Applications together! A Player to a Recorder.

VB-Audio Virtual Cable VB-Audio Virtual HiFi Cable


VB-Audio CABLE is a Windows Audio Driver working as Virtual Audio Cable. Thanks to its Multi-Format Audio Engine, VB-CABLE can be used without any configuration! Ready to work with all Audio Application using MME, KS, DX, KS or WASAPI interfaces.


With VB-CABLE Technology, VB-Audio Applications can be endowed with Virtual I/O and provide new amazing audio experiences. So let's follow us and try our different products presented on this page!

VB-Audio Virtual Cable
Connect Audio Applications together with Virtual Audio Device

INSTALL VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device.

VB-CABLE driver will be present as new playback and recording device (appearing in the audio device list).

VB-CABLE can be set as default device, as any regular audio device. The Configure and Properties buttons allow to setup multi channel features and device sound quality.

All signal coming in the CABLE input is going to the CABLE output. Then It becomes simple to make computer audio recording or to connect a player application to a recorder one.

VB-CABLE Driver (Donationware)
Virtual Audio MME, DX, KS, WDM Device Driver (XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 32/64 bits)

  VBCABLE_Driver_Pack43.zip (1.09 MB - OCT 2015)
  Click Here to download from alternative web site.

INSTALLATION: Extract all files from the ZIP and run Setup Program in Administrator Mode (Reboot after installation or de-installation).

VB-Audio Virtual Cable

VB-Audio Virtual Cable
VB-Audio Virtual Cable

VB-Audio Virtual Cable
Get Additional Cables !

To make them affordable for everyone, VB-CABLE's are Donationware! It means you can adjust the License Price to your means or usage!

To help us to maintain our Audio App's, continue our research and produce new audio tools for everyone, thanks to support our development team.

Click on Donate button below to get two more virtual audio devices: VB-CABLES A & B !

Purchase VB-Audio Cable A+B

Purchase VB-Audio Cable A+B

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VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable
VB-Audio Virtual Audio Cable with Perfect Sound for Audiophiles

VB-Audio ASIO Bridge


HIFI-CABLE driver will be also present as new playback and recording device (appearing in the audio device list with a Gold Cinch Connector icon).

HIFI CABLE is working like VB-CABLE except it needs to be configured with the same samplerate on its Input and Its output. HI-FI Cable is bit perfect and supports up to 24 bits 384 kHz audio stream.

With ASIO-Bridge Application, HI-FI CABLE's Input can be routed to ASIO Device Output, and ASIO Device Input can be routed to HIFI CABLE's Output.

HIFI-CABLE & ASIO-Bridge (Donationware)
Virtual Hi-Fi Cable And ASIO Bridge (XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 32/64 bits)

  (3.82 MB - MAR 2014)
  Click Here to download from alternative web site.

INSTALLATION: Run Setup Program in Administrator Mode (Reboot after installation or de-installation).

VB-Audio Virtual HiFi Cable

VB-Audio Virtual HiFi Cable
ASIOBridge is a donationware!

'Donationware' means that you can fix the License price according to your means. For this ASIOBridge Software, recommended License price is around 10 to 20 Euro but all other participations are welcome.

VB-Audio ASIO Bridge
Use Audio Pro ASIO Devices with regular Audio Software for Windows

VB-Audio ASIO Bridge Connection Diagram

This Case Study (PDF document). explains how to Record Audio Stream.
The VB-CABLE Manual (PDF document). Describes how To Optimize VB-CABLE Latency.

Video & Tutorials
They use VB-Audio Virtual Cable and they make Video, Thanks to all!

Audio Density Demo
VB-Audio Virtual Cable can be used as Virtual I/O by Applications

VB-Audio Density Demo
VB-Audio Density Demo

5.1 Real Time Audio Density Analysis

Audio Density Demo uses VB-Audio CABLE as Virtual I/O to get 5.1 Signal coming from a DVD player and displays 3D Audio Density in real time (OpenGL 2.0 required).

Download Audio Density Demo
Standalone Application Using VB-CABLE input
(XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 32/64 bits)

  (445 Ko - DEC 2012)


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